Temporary Auto Insurance

If you own a car for a short period of time or want to rent a car while you are on vacation, you may need to purchase temporary auto insurance. This type of insurance coverage is also suitable if a new driver will be driving your vehicle temporarily until they assume their driving responsibilities. Depending on your particular needs, a temporary auto insurance policy can protect you with full coverage options or merely liability benefits. Many of the leading insurance companies, including Geico Insurance, AIG Insurance and Progressive Insurance sell temporary car insurance.

Reasons to Buy Temporary Auto Insurance

There are many reasons to purchase temporary auto insurance coverage, including the following:

To protect your vehicle from hurricanes during hurricane season. Temporary auto insurance policies can offer you protection for a short period of time.

To cover a temporary driver of your vehicle. Perhaps your nephew will be driving you and a friend for one week so you can attend your sister’s wedding. This is another reason to purchase temporary auto insurance coverage.

If you want to avoid having to pay any damages incurred if you have an accident while you are driving your new vehicle from the car dealership lot, you should consider buying temporary car insurance.

Unlike standard auto insurance policies where 6 months is normally the minimum time period, temporary auto insurance policies can be purchased for as little as a few weeks. You have to bear in mind that the cost of your premium will also be much higher than an annual auto insurance policy. You can choose whether you wish to purchase temporary auto insurance that includes full coverage or just liability coverage.