Comparing Vintage & Regular Auto Insurance

Most drivers are required to purchase some type of auto insurance before they are legally allowed to drive. This depends on the state in which you live. However, if you own an antique or vintage car, you can also purchase optional vintage auto is to protect your prized possession. Many car collectors purchase this type of car insurance policy so they know their vehicle is protected every time they get behind the wheel of their vintage auto.

Here are a few of the differences between vintage auto insurance and a regular car insurance policy:

Commercial vehicle use is acceptable
No storage regulations
Coverage available for any model or make
Coverage for first and secondary vehicles
Available for vehicles that depreciate or appreciate in value

Commercial use not permitted
Certain storage regulations
Available only to vehicles that appreciate in value
Vehicle must be at least 15-25 years old
Available only to secondary vehicles, not primary
Price of Vintage Auto Insurance

Many leading insurance companies such as Aon Insurance, Hagerty Insurance and Parish Heacock Insurance sell vintage auto insurance coverage. You will pay much less for this type of insurance policy compared to regular auto insurance coverage. One of the reasons is because the majority of car collectors or owners of vintage auto store their vehicle much more often than actually driving it. Another reason is that so many vintage car owners take great care to protect their vehicles both on and off the road. You may end up paying an annual premium as low as $500 to purchase vintage auto insurance.