Car Insurance for Female Drivers

If you are a female driver, you will need to purchase auto insurance. Not only is failing to purchase the required insurance very irresponsible, it may result in fines, jail time, suspension of your driver’s license or even financial ruin. You have to remember that even if you are a very responsible driver with a clean driving record, the other drivers around you may not be.

Car Insurance Rates For Women & Men

Car insurance policies purchase by women offer exactly the same benefits as the same policies bought by male drivers. The difference is that women’s car insurance is often less expensive. The reason is that statistics indicate that women are traditionally safer drivers who are involved in a lower number of accidents than male drivers. Therefore, insurance companies are willing to offer women drivers lower insurance rates because they represent a lower risk of filing a claim than men.

You may be surprised to read the following driving statistics:

Women are more likely to pass their driver’s license exam on the first attempt
Motor vehicle accidents caused by women cause less damage than those caused by men
Women commit fewer motor vehicle-related crimes than men
The above statistics do not mean that you will not require car insurance if you are a female driver. They merely explain why you normally pay less than male drivers for the same type of auto insurance coverage.
Coverage Options for Women’s Car Insurance
Car insurance policies for women include many different coverage options. Unlike life insurance that may cover only disabled body parts or health insurance that may cover only injuries, car insurance coverage varies. An auto insurance policy may cover various aspects of a motor vehicle. For example, it may cover you, any other drivers involves in an accident as well as damage to both vehicles.
Before you purchase women’s auto insurance, you should review the following coverage options:
Collision – This type of coverage pays for damage to your vehicle if you cause a motor vehicle accident. If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, you will receive the cash value of your vehicle. Auto loans require you to purchase collision coverage.
Comprehensive – This coverage pays for any damages caused by your vehicle, as well as theft, fire, vandalism and storm damage. Auto loans also require you to purchase comprehensive insurance. The rate for this type of coverage is reduced as your deductible increases.
Liability – this type of coverage protects you if you injure an individual or cause property damage during an accident. Although liability insurance will cover the medical expenses for everyone who is involved in an accident, it will not cover your own injuries or any damage caused to your vehicle. The specific liability requirements differ for each state.
Optional Coverage – You can choose to include additional components when you purchase a women’s car insurance policy. For example, you can buy emergency road service or rental car coverage.
Property Damage – This type of insurance covers the cost of any property damage for an accident that you have caused. Although the normal limit of property damage coverage is $100,000, you can pay more to increase the amount.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – This type of coverage pays for your expenses if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by another driver who has no or insufficient insurance coverage.